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The TRIMS Retail Platform
By Touchretail

TRIMS is the modern cloud software solution for managing and growing a retail business.

At Touchretail we provide cutting-edge inventory management and point of sale software. Our omnichannel platform; TRIMS, comprises a suite of tools and services built specifically for the retail industry with the sole purpose of saving time, reducing costs and streamlining processes.

Touchretail TRIMS

We make retail software

We are helping retailers do more, sell more and achieve growth

Embrace TRIMS - the evolving retail system chosen by leading retail professionals. Benefit from a robust, stylish and feature packed retail system for processing sales, payments and capturing customer data in boutiques, mini-chain stores, at events and in stadium venues.

So you can transform your retail business faster

We streamline your business with a single retail system to manage inventory for ecommerce, warehouses and stores

Central management and analysis of stock movements, sales, inventory, purchasing and customers. Transform your retail business faster using a feature packed flexible cloud retail system with a matrix of attributes and variants customisable to your business needs.

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Discover how industry leaders are modernising their retail businesses.

By optimising your omni-channel retailing

We integrate your sales channels to maximise stock availability for multichannel retailing

The infrastructure for seemless multichannel retailing. Sell your product at any channel no matter where it resides in the business. Once sold an efficient request process allocates and reserves the item ready for dispatch. Use platform specific connectors to integrate with Magento, Magento 2, Shopify, WooCommerce, Visualsoft, Farfetch and Channel Advisor, or use the powerful TRIMS API for connecting with any compatible provider.

Helping you drive Customer Engagement

We provide tools and services that strengthen customer relationships

Increase spend per transaction and visits. Reward and therefore encourage loyal buying behaviour at your retail stores and online. Offer Loyalty Points, Customer Profiling, Gift Cards, Customer Accounts and analyse company wide purchase data in one central system.

See it in action

Discover how industry leaders are modernising their retail businesses.

And deliver better customer service

We improve your service offer with retail systems designed for fulfiling orders accuratly and on time

Automate eCommerce order allocation and alert users to pick and validate orders in real-time. Keep your customers happy by ensuring they receive the correct items on time.

Through modern retail innovation

We strive to deliver affordable retail innovation

We are delivering retail innovations to independent retailers without the SAP or Dynamics price tag. The TRIMSm mobile app for retailers is one example of the work we are doing to modernise the way retailers operate.


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See it in action

Discover how industry leaders are modernising their retail businesses.