5 Pointz

Independent multichannel premium footwear and clothing store
Modernisation began August 2012 | Legacy System Bristec | View This Project

About 5 Pointz

Urban lifestyle brands of New York

Dave Perry fused his love of hip hop culture with his desire to work independently and in 2004, 5 Pointz was born – named after the New York graffiti location of the time. Urban lifestyle brands of New York were almost unique to 5 Pointz in the UK at the time, yet some of these are now leading ‘streetwear’ brands. Dave has always been keen to maintain leading edge retail ideas, and was an early adopter of online technology to reach a wider audience than his local Bristol following.

5 Pointz's Challenge

A rapidly expanding eCommerce business

Keeping pace with a rapidly expanding eCommerce business was a major challenge for the growing 5 Pointz business, and to accommodate real-time multi-channel trading required an EPOS system with these facilities already proven.

The Solution For 5 Pointz

A new Magento website using the TRIMS Magento Connector.

The data conversion from the legacy system was a challenge but was successfully completed, and we were able to utilise legacy POS hardware for a couple of years to help reduce implementation costs. Now on new POS hardware provided by Aures running our latest TRIMS technology, 5 Pointz also changed to a new Magento website, which is successfully integrated using the TRIMS Magento Connector.

The ability to use unlimited Product names and descriptions in TRIMS is a great asset when checking products which are very similar (sneakers for instance) or when analysing reports at Product level.

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