Black White Denim

Ladies & Mens Designer Clothing in Wilmslow
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Black White Denim Designer and Contemporary Fashion

Womenswear Independent of The Year 2018

Since opening in 2010 Black White Denim has always been at the forefront of bringing upcoming fashion brands to the north-west, alongside denim collections from favourites such as Paige, J Brand and Hudson. Owner Jo Davies launched the own-brand BWD Basics range in 2014, and the store expanded into Menswear in 2017. Plaudits from the Press such as Best Boutiques Outside London and Inspiring Indies were crowned in 2018 when Drapers awarded Black White Denim with the Womenswear Independent of The Year Award.

Black White Denim's retail requirements and challenges

KPIs important to fashion retailers

The initial inventory system installed when opening the store was adequate in most aspects, but lacking in some key areas such as correctly handling deposits, discounts and returns at the point of sale. KPIs important to fashion retailers such as sell-through by season and brand were also absent. Touchretail’s TRIMS solution handles these and other requirements, such as accessing reports on iPad, and providing a popular customer loyalty facility.

Black White Denim's boutique software solution

The fashion-centric TRIMS platform

The fashion-centric TRIMS platform ticks all the boxes for Black White Denim. As well as migrating the legacy system data, we were able to utilise the legacy POS hardware to make the system upgrade a cost effective and painless exercise.

TRIMS Customer Loyalty has been very popular with BWD’s clients, and the TRIMS wholesale invoicing facility was introduced to manage the BWD Basics collection when stocked by some other boutiques.

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