Mobile reporting for retail business owners

Being able to view a snapshot of your current week's sales versus last week, and the same week the previous year is a great way of monitoring the overall performance and growth of your company.

Access to this high level information directly on a phone or tablet whilst on the move gives retail business owners a fast way to view retail performance data through a few presses without having to heavily configure a report.

The mobile optimised retail reports in TRIMS Vision are built for fast access. Running a report without setting parameters provides a top level overview within a few quick presses from your mobile phone or tablet. Mobile optimised retail reports are designed to display large blocks of visible data with minimal presses and minimal scrolling, making for easy reading on small screens. For those wishing to drill down further, this is still possible using the powerful filtering engine that is common throughout TRIMS Vision.

If you are already using TRIMS Vision you will soon see an additional report group in your report menu called Mobile Optimised. Any reports listed in this group will have a different appearance designed around the resolution of mobile device screens.

TRIMS Vision is part of the TRIMS Back Office Retail Management System.

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