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SaaS - Software as a Service set to aid Irish economic growth

Many companies with modern cloud-based software operate a SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing model. For the user the advantages are no upfront capital software cost – you only pay as you use the software. Typically a SaaS pricing model will include some or all of the following: use of application and database software, user licensing, server hosting, software support and software program updates to new versions. It’s always worth checking the small print before signing a SaaS contract to check exactly what is and is not included.

Businesses in Ireland are increasingly taking advantage of the SaaS model to implement new systems and software, while leaving any new hardware to be either purchased or leased in the traditional manner. With funding sources still strict on lending policies, SaaS contracts are enabling retail businesses to now upgrade their dated technology in a planned and manageable way.

Economic growth is projected to be robust and broadly based in 2015 and 2016

First sentence in the OECD publication: Ireland - Economic forecast summary (June 2015).

Although a hardened retail trading environment still persists, progressive Irish retailers are taking advantage of the positive economic outlook and cautious optimism in the air to kick-start their business IT after some years of ‘treading water’. With companies like Touchretail offering TRIMS modern multi-channel inventory, CRM and mobile capabilities all on the SaaS model business in Ireland has increased significantly. Andrew O'Donoghue, Retail Services Support Manager at The IT Department (Ireland’s reseller and local support for the TRIMS platform) comments:

Business has been tough and new sales were flat until the SaaS pricing was introduced. This has been a game-changer for our customers throughout Ireland, and we are both gaining new customers and upgrading legacy systems for existing customers.

Andrew O'Donoghue Retail Services Support Manager at The IT Department Wexford

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