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Sale Planning Checklist for Retailers

Planning your Boxing Day sales? Check out our Sale Planning checklist to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls when going on sale. With many retailers starting their sales immediately after - or even on - Christmas Day, sale planning and preparation for retail stores is key.

Mistakes can be costly and time consuming. When working in bulk on large numbers of products, it’s important to get it right. All TRIMS retailers, please take note and follow these steps.

Sale Planning Checklist

  • Is your POS Software on the correct version?
  • Do you know how to make a Promotion?
  • Create a small test Promotion
  • Confirm the test Promotion reached the POS
  • Plan in advance
  • Spot Check
  • Further Reductions

It’s important that all TRIMS users who are wishing to use the Product Price Rule facility run a test promotion first. Follow the steps detailed below and if you require help, please contact the Touchretail Help Desk to schedule your training.

1 - Is your POS Software on the correct version?

Only version v2.11.13 onwards of TRIMS POS will understand the Price Rules that you create within TRIMS. You can check your TRIMS POS version on the login screen. If you need any updates, please contact the Touchretail Help Desk. Please note that Product Price Rules are not currently supported by eCommerce Connectors or APIs. Product Price Rules are only currently supported by TRIMS POS.

2 - Do you know how to make a Promotion?

If you are yet to use the Product Price Rules app within TRIMS, please contact the Touchretail Help Desk as soon as you can for an introduction on how to use it. This seems pretty obvious but you need to do this well in advance of any promotion you are wanting to plan. With many retailers doing the same, your introduction may need to be scheduled. Please factor this into your timing and get in touch with the Touchretail Help Desk to arrange.

TRIMS Product Price Rules

3 - Create a small test promotion

This is very important if you are new to creating Product Price Rules. As well as instilling confidence that you know how to create the promotion, it's a simple end-to-end test that will highlight any problems found in the promotion chain giving yourselves plenty of time to iron out any issues. The test promotion should be for a small number of products; you could even create a few dummy products to avoid affecting current stock.

Remember that you need to Publish a PLU for Promotion Prices to reach the POS. All active Price Rules, even those that are planned for the future will be published allowing you to plan and test in advance of going on sale.

4 - Confirm the test promotion reached the POS

If the day you run your test falls within the test promotion timeframe then you just need to scan the product to see the discount on screen. You will see the discount information and the promotion name. If you are outside the test promotion timeframe, scan the product and press the Info button on the POS, if the product has associated price rules, they will be shown in a list.

TRIMS POS Check Price Rules

If this didn’t work you need to contact the Touchretail Help Desk to find out where you have gone wrong and then repeat the steps thus far.

5 - Plan in advance

Now that you have successfully created and tested a promotion, you can start planning for the main event. Plan early and publish well in advance; this will give you ample time for testing and for correcting any issues that you find.

6 - Spot Check

Follow the steps under point 4 on a selection of products. Planning early will give you plenty of time to check everything is ready.

7 - Further Reductions

Remember you can create multiple promotions in advance so you can forward plan further reductions at any point that will trigger on specific days.

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