Who uses Touchretail?

Ever wanted to know who is using Touchretail? Are you considering working with us but need a little more reassurance that we are experts in our field? Checkout our interactive client map to see who’s using us and where.

We’ve started plotting our clients on our interactive client map. We will be continuously updating the map so if you are an existing client and can’t find yourself, don’t worry you will be mapped soon! We are proud of our clients and would like to showcase as many as we can, so keep an eye out for map pins with case studies that will open a client case study when clicked.

How to use the client map:

Navigate the map using your mouse or touchscreen. Zoom in and out by pinching the screen or using your mouse wheel. We’ve categorised clients into sectors which can be filtered using the Layer icon in the top right of the map.

How to view case studies:

Keep an eye out for map pins with a speech bubble on them, these are clients with case studies and when clicked, will open in a new browser tab - we do this so you don’t lose your position on the map when browsing.

Get Started:

View the Touchretail client map here

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