Enhanced Product Wizard for TRIMS

We've made some changes enhancing the usability of the TRIMS Product Wizard. Find out more in this article, these features help all TRIMS users.

Feature Available In
TRIMS Version: 2.0.30121.1

Attribute Pickers

Previously attribute pickers were only available on variant attributes allowing you to pick multiple values. We’ve now added the attribute picker to Category and Tag attributes which allows you to popup and select from a list of values.

Stock & Barcodes

Previously with single variant products such as wallets, candles and ties, it was necessary to open the matrix to add quantities and barcodes. Now when creating single variant products you can add the stock and barcode data directly from the Product Wizard screen without opening the matrix. Multi variant products still require the matrix to be opened purely due to the number of variant combination possibilities and displaying them neatly on screen.

For multi-site retailers you can comma separate the locations and also the stock.


We’ve relocated the ‘Open Matrix’ and ‘Preserve Values’ toggles into the toolbar. These toggles were previously located at the foot of the wizard. If you use attribute sets, this selector is also now located in the toolbar along with a GRN selector which is used when adding stock directly from the wizard.

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