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New CEO at Touchretail

Stu Francis has been appointed as Touchretail’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) with effect from 1st February 2016. During Stu’s previous role overseeing new product development he managed the development of Touchretail’s new TRIMS platform from concept to design, specification, programming and release.

The success of the TRIMS platform has enabled Touchretail to start to expand into retail sectors other than fashion-based retailers and department stores. Stu’s appointment at this exciting time in Touchretail’s business is in line with managing their growth strategy.

We’ve spent the last 3 years building a future-proof and scalable retail platform from the ground up. With the new TRIMS retail platform, the great team behind it and the new opportunities opened by TRIMS, now is a great time and opportunity for us to grow the company, and with it, the software and service we provide.

Stu Francis Stuart Francis
CEO - Touchretail

Previous head of Touchretail Alan Jones continues as CTO (Chief Technical Officer) while David Powell continues as CSO (Chief Sales Officer). Ian Willis is now a Consultant with special responsibilities for Finance and Accounting, and works closely with the rest of the management team.

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