Compare Sales Performance Across Retail Locations

Using the new 'Location Listings' view in TRIMS, it's easy to compare Sales Performance across retail locations whilst browsing through your product inventory.

Feature Available In
TRIMS Version: 2.0.30701.1

Multi-location retailers can now easily compare sales performance across locations whilst browsing through their TRIMS inventory. The latest update to TRIMS introduces a new listings view that displays location based metrics in columns, rather than by row. With the location data presented in columns grouped by the location, it’s easy to compare key sales values across the entire retail estate.

The usual listing tools are available to the user including the ability to change the sales period, change the stock date, group, sort and filter the results. You can also use the powerful tree filter in the usual way making this a hugely configurable reporting feature. Right-clicking the column headers allow you to toggle the columns shown which include values such as Sales, Retail, Cost, Profit, Sell Through and many more. And remember, just like the other listing views, you can save any number of views so you could save a simple view to compare just Sales Quantities, one for retail and then a more comprehensive comparison with many values. Configure the report to suit you!

If you don’t yet have access to this new version of TRIMS, sit tight as all users will have this new update available to them over the next week.

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