Talk to suppliers and concessions with a TRIMS audit feed

The Audit Feed is a new report template for TRIMS Vision, it’s purpose is specifically for exporting transaction data to other systems and organisations. Any number of reports can be spawned from this template and configured with columns that match the recipient's requirements.

Feature Available In
TRIMS Version: 2.0.30714.3

Add a column, give it a name and then choose the content for the column. The type of column can be of fixed text or a dynamic field. Dynamic fields are any of the fields present in your TRIMS database, some are also available in a number of different formats such as dates - because there are never any standards when it comes to what 3rd parties want!

Use the audit feed to filter your sales by concession and automatically send sales to that concession. Provide your suppliers with live sales data for auto replenishment. Use alongside a product data feed template for importing products and exporting sales in a drop-ship environment. Export transactions and feed them into other retail systems and analytical tools.

Contact a Touchretail representative for more information on the Audit Feed report.

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