Entering Delivery Costs Retrospectively

When receiving deliveries you don’t always know the cost prices for the batch of stock being booked in. Maybe the user doesn’t have access to this sort of financial information, or you haven’t received the invoice. We’ve added a simple feature for looking up and amending Goods Received Notes (GRNs)

Feature Available In
TRIMS Version: 2.0.30801.1

Often people create products leaving the cost prices at zero because they didn’t know what the cost price was at the time of creating the product. Stock is then added at zero cost without the user realising the overall effect this has throughout the system.

It’s always been possible to change cost prices retrospectively, but it’s been quite labour intensive in doing so. We’ve added the ability to enter this information directly in the GRN viewer retrospectively. Changing costs in this way recalculates your audit trail and updates historic information making sure your financials are accurate across the system.

Follow the simple steps on the attached image from 1 - 4 in order to enter cost information retrospectively.

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