Affordable Omnichannel For Independent Retailers

For many independent retailers, identifying and analysing customers as they traverse across business touchpoints (a point of contact or interaction with your customer), has simply been inaccessible due to costs and logistics. No longer just for big brand retailers, using the right system, independent retailers can now collate and analyse at the same level with affordable omnichannel solutions.

Delivering the omnichannel customer experience is fast becoming a reality for many independent retailers. Until now, integrating all business touchpoints has been a costly, logistical nightmare. Today, retailers installing TRIMS not only benefit from a centrally managed inventory, but also from the infrastructure required for centrally collating and managing customers, making omnichannel retailing affordable for many independent retailers.

How is omnichannel affordable using TRIMS?

TRIMS is the ideal platform for connectivity, it has a hugely flexible attribute driven inventory which makes integration with 3rd party systems simple. With its feature heavy API and bespoke platform connectors already built for leading eCommerce systems such as Visualsoft, Magento, Magento 2 and Shopify, centrally managing inventory across eCommerce, warehouses and stores is simple, fast and reliable. Take this tried and tested multichannel platform and build intelligent customer management on top, and you get an extremely affordable omnichannel framework that glues together all touchpoints.

TRIMS Connectors

TRIMS records customer data from all touchpoints communicating with it. If your retail operation has 5 stores, a Visualsoft website and a Magento website, all transactions including the provided customer data are collated in TRIMS. TRIMS identifies purchases made by the same customer across different touchpoints, building a single customer view across all channels. This data can be filtered, viewed and exported centrally from TRIMS.

Omnichannel visibility of customers across touchpoints

Looking up a customer on the store EPOS system will not only display store purchases, it will display the customer's entire journey across all touchpoints. Loyalty points and customer credit accumulated from any touchpoint can be redeemed at the point of sale, or at any of your touchpoints, so long as that touchpoint has been integrated to do so.

An affordable omnichannel solution

3rd party systems no longer need to integrate with each other, just TRIMS. TRIMS bridges this gap keeping costs down and the logistics uncomplicated.

The future of omnichannel

We (Touchretail) are investing heavily in the development of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and CLM (Customer Loyalty Management) functionality of TRIMS, extending the affordable omnichannel experience that is made possible by installing TRIMS at the heart of your retail business.

Accessing omnichannel data

If you are using TRIMS you may already be knowingly or unknowingly collecting customer data from your touchpoints. You can enable the CRM App within TRIMS through the devices tool and enabling the CRM feature on your usergroup. The CRM App will then be accessible on the analysis menu.


We’ve always been aware of TRIMS’ potential in this area, it’s great to see the product grow and provide enterprise functionality to the smaller independent retailer - usually only found in costly ERP systems. The team are incredibly excited at what is already achievable, but more so about what is to come. TRIMS is going to make a huge impact in this area.

Stu Francis Stuart Francis
CEO - Touchretail

More about omnichannel

A few centrally managed omnichannel features available through the TRIMS API at the time of writing are:

  • Product Inventory
  • Stock Availability
  • Price Rules and Promotions
  • Customers and Customer Purchases
  • Transaction History
  • Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Points

If you are wanting to take advantage of this functionality with 3rd party systems, put them in touch with us and we can provide documentation on how to do so. If you want to know more about omnichannel and how TRIMS makes omnichannel affordable for independent retailers, please contact a Touchretail representative. Alternatively, read more about TRIMS Retail CRM here.

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