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TRIMSm - a Leap Forward in EPOS for Fashion retailers

The future is no longer the future. It’s become the here and now. Technological advances are supporting businesses more and more. If you’re not embracing the change and looking for advantages in using technology then you’re going to be left behind, because it’s most likely your competitors are.

Fashion retailers need to be able to have a snapshot of their store management in real time. What stock is on the shop floor, what’s onsite and what stock is currently in the warehouse. Having this information in real-time allows the store owners to save time and energy, as well as optimise their offering that ultimately has a positive impact on sales.

This kind of software has been proven to have a significant impact on store owners with multiple locations, enabling them to have a broad snapshot of sales and purchasing reports across the business as well as being able to isolate individual stores.

Accessibility is critical, so the next logical step in technology is to make real-time store management, mobile based. You can be in a meeting, walking the floor, with a supplier, or sat in your home office and you’ll have real time information available at the touch of your fingers.

This is where Touchretail step in. Specialists in delivering omnichannel systems for the retail fashion industry with close to 15 years experience in delivering excellence in our retail management solutions. Our real-time application TRIMSm is a huge leap forward for retail management systems. It offers so much more control and flexibility.

Here are just some the major benefits you’ll receive when using TRIMSm:

  • The ability to make decisions whilst stood in front of the product or supplier, not at a computer, resulting in an increase in efficiency and time saved.
  • Work at the product, not at a computer - boosting efficiency and saving time. With ever tight margins, now more than ever. When time is saved, profit is made.
  • Instant insights. No matter where you are, critical information such as stock levels, sales figures and what’s on order are available at your fingertips.
  • Purchase order creation processes sped up. Increased efficiency by allowing employees to make stock purchasing decisions stood infront of stock or suppliers, with the purchase order created with a quick scan of the barcode, improves efficiently and saves time.
  • Receive deliveries or move product between stores. All done at a press of a finger and means less time sat in front of a computer.
Touchretail engineer 'Tom' configuring 4 M3 scanners with TRIMSm

TRIMSm enables more real-time control but also speeds up day-to-day management of processes like stock control and purchasing. This allows the retailer to manage their business significantly more efficiently leading to savings in cost and time, which will positively impact the bottom line.

At Touchretail, we didn’t just create TRIMSm from nothing. It’s been the result of our 14 years experience leading the way in retail management software. TRIMSm has evolved into the tool it is today as a result of our continuous approach to be innovative and to lead where others follow.

We’ve identified a need and created the solution that gives our clients the tools they need to run their retail businesses as profitably as possible AND save time.

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