Secure Your TRIMSm Mobile App Today With User Rights Management

It was only a matter of time before TRIMSm became so feature rich that it needed users rights management adding to ensure the right features were available to the right users.

With it’s rapidly expanding feature set we decided it was about time to roll in the ability to control feature access at user group level. This simply means that management can choose the features TRIMSm users have access to. User Rights Management also adds another layer of security preventing unauthorised users from logging in.

Already a worthy new feature, this latest TRIMSm development is setting the foundations for what is to come. We have a number of developments planned which may not be suitable for all users. These developments are aimed at specific roles such as area managers or the business owners themselves, an example being financial information that you may not want everyone having access to. With the inclusion of User Rights Management this level of control is simple to manage.

If you’re concerned that logging in may need a live connection in order to validate the given credentials and your warehouse has no internet, fear not. TRIMSm stores user details, groups and features on the device which will update when you have internet access so that it knows everything required for when you don’t have internet access.

User Rights Management raises the bar yet again in preparation for what is to come. Keep your eyes on the ever improving mobile retail app that is continually making retailers lives easier.

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