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During a recent meeting at one of Touchretail’s recent customers Foundations the conversation moved towards the importance of customer service.

Foundations are a lingerie specialist, and the meeting was at their recently opened second store. After successfully launching their first store in Nantwich earlier in 2016, Karen and Kate (owners of Foundations) took the opportunity to hone their skills by taking over another existing lingerie business - The Cheshire Lady in Congleton, Cheshire.

The second store was added to their existing TRIMS inventory system, which enables them to easily transfer items between the two stores using their EPOS tills, and have up-to-the-minute reporting and stock availability.

Customers at their stores appreciate the wide choice of styles and sizes, and the ability to easily place special orders for non-standard sizes of bras. Special orders account for over 80% of sales, so it’s a very important facility to offer. Also, when their customers like a particular brand, they tend to stick with that brand. I asked the Foundations team if they found the TRIMS-CRM useful in this respect, and the response was a definite yes. Kate Flannery told me:

We recently received a new collection from one of our top selling brands. By using the TRIMS filter for sales of that brand, then clicking on the CRM, it gave us a list of everyone who has purchased that brand. It was a simple matter to export the list to MailChimp and send all those customers a message about the new collection. The response was very good, and it makes our business look professional and efficient to our customers.

Kate Flannery Kate Flannery
Owner - Foundations

It’s rewarding to hear from our TRIMS customers who use it as a business development solution rather than just stock control or EPOS. As the big retailers become more pervasive, it’s more important than ever that independent retailers focus on their customer service – which technology such as TRIMS-CRM helps to deliver. This is a great example of using standard technology to improve customer service at the same time as managing your inventory and building a more profitable business.

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