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Ensure Your Available Stock Is Always Free To Sell
Feature Available In
TRIMS Version: 2.0.40228.1

Stock Balancing is a Premium Plan TRIMS App allowing the creation of Stock Balancing Profiles for Reordering Stock, Replenishing Stock and Consolidating Stock. The Stock Balancing App uses a combination of Min/Max values, store gradings and user configured profiles for suggesting and actioning Purchase Orders and Goods Transfers.

TRIMS Stock Balancing

Replenishment profiles are for suggesting and automating the transferral of stock between warehouses and sales locations. Reorder profiles are for suggesting and automating Purchase Orders. Consolidation profiles are for pulling stock back from stores to warehouses.

Transfers and Purchase Orders can be created in Draft or Pending Modes. The Stock Balancing App displays its suggestions based on the profiles and values set, these can then be amended prior to actioning.

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Stock Balancing Video

Sam, one of our support agents, has created this video demonstrating the usage of Stock Balancing module.

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