New Store Takings App Gives Store Owners Live EPOS Data

Store owners and area managers can now easily check store takings across their entire retail estate using the newly added TRIMSm Store Taking feature.

Access key performance indicators on the move

Further extending the functionality of the innovative TRIMSm app from Touchretail, we are excited to launch a new feature this week designed for store owners and area managers. The Store Takings feature pulls the tender information from any registered POS and displays a live store breakdown on the device by location. Locations can be expanded to see the individual EPOS takings, which can be expanded again to access key performance indicators (KPIs) such as Sales, Refunds, Average Basket Value and Drawer Opens.

Check store EPOS performance with a button click

This new feature provides business owners with the ability to check how their stores are performing from a quick click of a button, no matter where they are. Locations can also be grouped into ranges so that area managers can drill down to their location. The feature can also be controlled through user group access with the ability to lock a device so that it only reports on the figures where the device resides.

Store Takings is included with TRIMSm as standard

The Store Taking app comes as standard with TRIMSm. For retailers wishing to use this new feature they just need to enable it on the relevant user groups, the option will then appear on the TRIMSm menu for members of those user groups.

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