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Now available on Google Play, TRIMSm version 2.8. What is TRIMSm? It's an innovative mobile app for helping retailers and you can get it here.

What's new in this TRIMSm update?

We've redesigned the Capture app to follow the same header layout found in the other TRISMm apps. It's a minor change but it keeps things consistent and we like consistency. Part of this change is to move the task properties icon (three dots) to the app header, from the footer bar.

We've also added the ability to copy a Capture Task INCLUDING its items 'Copy' and to copy a Capture Task EXCLUDING its items 'New' from within the Capture Task Properties. The 'New' option is ideal for those who wish to segregate their stocktake between areas, floor one and floor two for example. Rather than scan the entire store into one list you can scan floor one, send the task, use the 'New' task property to create a new task (which saves you from re-inputting the stocktake details) and start scanning floor two into a fresh task. For more info on that, you can contact a Touchretail representative.

Along with those changes we've also made various speed and usability improvements to the app.

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About the TRIMSm mobile App

Introducing TRIMSm, an innovative mobile app for helping retailers. Its feature set speeds up general stock management tasks eradicating the need for return trips between product and computer. The TRIMSm Mobile Retail App runs on Google Android and with its ‘gmail-esque’ interface, is instantly recognisable and simple to use. Use on your mobile phone with a bluetooth barcode reader, or on a purpose built retail-hardened scanning device - whichever way you use it, TRIMSm will simplify and mobilise your retail processes.

In order to use TRIMSm, you must have a TRIMS account and have acquired login credentials from your program vendor in order to register the app with your TRIMS retail management solution. Please talk to a Touchretail representative if you require more information.

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