Vision 2 Reporting Module Enters BETA Ready For You To Try Out

We've been busy working on a big upgrade to TRIMS Vision. Vision is the browser based business reporting tool for accessing and analysing TRIMS data. The update has just entered Beta testing and it's ready for you to try out, here's how..

Feature Available In
TRIMS Version: 2.0.40626.1

Over the next few days we will be rolling out updates that will add a second Vision module to the TRIMS analysis tab. The new module is also called Vision but has a BETA label on the image. This update will not replace Vision 1, that version will still be available until all reports have been migrated and tested on Vision 2.

Over time you will see more reports added to Vision 2. At the time of writing we have migrated 4 reports. These are:

  • Financial Summary
  • Sell Through
  • SSO Analysis
  • Ranked Sales

We invite you to try it out

We have released the module in the Beta stage so that users can try it out and test to see if it resolves some connectivity issues that could affect the overall experience of Vision 1. If you experienced connectivity issues with Vision 1 then please try Vision 2 and let us know how you get on. It's important that we hear back from you. Simply raise a ticket and tell us about your experience, the sooner we know things are working, the sooner we can replace Vision 1 with the new version.

What has changed?

The original Vision release relied on a persistent session between the client and the server, and if this session was interrupted or lost, Vision would disconnect which would result in various errors and the logging out of the user. Internet sessions are easily lost, even on high quality connections and we are aware of how frustrating this can be.

This updated Vision browser has been rewritten to use a different way of communicating with the server that doesn’t rely on a persistent session, which should provide an all-round better reporting experience. We invite you to test this with us and we would greatly appreciate feedback on your experience. On confirmation that this new version provides a more reliable reporting experience, we will migrate all pre-existing reports and replace the original Vision browser.

Go and try it out

Keep an eye out for the new Vision button, and give it a go. Remember to let us know how you get on.

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