TRIMS API - Now 44 Times More Powerful

We pride ourselves on how versatile the TRIMS retail platform is, especially when it comes to 3rd party system integration using the TRIMS API. Well, great news, we’ve just made it 44 times more powerful, with yet more functionality coming soon. Find out what great new features are available and how you can benefit from them.

Firstly, a little about the TRIMS API

The TRIMS API is a 3rd party developer-friendly interface for TRIMS. It is used by digital agencies, marketing companies and app creators to integrate their systems and platforms with TRIMS. Award-winning web design, development and marketing agency Visualsoft use it. Connectors for world leading eCommerce platforms Shopify and Magento 2 have been built on top of it, and recently global fashion giant Farfetch chose to integrate directly using it. The TRIMS API is a hugely important feature of TRIMS that removes constraints and gives retailers the ability to use the agencies and software of their choice alongside TRIMS.

And we just made it 44 times more powerful!

What could the TRIMS API do before the upgrade?

Lots! The API provides functionality for 3rd party developers to get product details, get stock availability, get stock and product amendments and post sales directly into TRIMS. These features are primarily used to integrate with eCommerce platforms, but also for integration with warehouse management solutions and other 3rd party software.

What’s new in the TRIMS API?

We’ve added one new killer feature - Get Transaction Audit. What does this do? It allows 3rd parties (by permission) to access the core transaction log that details everything taking place within TRIMS. For readers who are currently using TRIMS, this is basically the same as the Transaction Audit.

Getting a little more technical, this one new feature can return 44 (and growing) different types of recorded information. It provides a comprehensive log of what is happening within the business, for example Item Sales, Goods Transfers and Posted Stock Takes. A full list of available transaction types can be found at the foot of this blog.

This all sounds great, but how can this help me?

This added functionality greatly extends your integration options. The data that can be extracted from TRIMS using this feature provides a 3rd party system with almost everything they would ever need in order to fully integrate their solution, whatever solution that may be (within reason of course, it won’t yet drive your lawnmower).

A good example of what can now be achieved since the addition of this new feature would be integration by 3rd party accounting packages. All the data required for your accounts package can now be collected through this new API method. If you are using any 3rd party software solutions alongside TRIMS as part of your digital retail strategy, and they are not already connected, talk to the software vendor and put them in touch with us to see if they can take advantage of the TRIMS API.

We are working towards an unfragmented future for retailers, this is a huge step towards that. Read more about the TRIMS API here. Now here is the full list of 44 new transaction types that can be accessed through the TRIMS API.

Transaction types available through the Get Transaction Audit TRIMS API method

  • Cash Declaration
  • Uplift
  • Sales from EPOS
  • Tenders
  • Sales from 3rd Party
  • Draft Goods
  • Purchase Orders
  • Goods In
  • Transfer In
  • Transfer Out
  • Pay Account
  • Voucher
  • Goods Out
  • Transfer Draft
  • Stocktake Posted
  • Paid Out
  • Write Off
  • Invoice Tender
  • Account Payment
  • Return Tender
  • Return Detail
  • Adjustment
  • Invoice Shipping
  • Return Shipping
  • Invoice Detail
  • Modify Cost
  • Purchase Order Cancelled
  • Transfer Cancelled
  • Transfer Undelivered
  • Purchase Order Undelivered
  • Stocktake Pending
  • Stocktake Discrepancy
  • Order Detail Currency
  • Return Detail Currency
  • Invoice Detail Currency
  • Modify Retail
  • Transaction Memo
  • Gift Card
  • Reserve Stock
  • Internal Sales Order Status Change
  • External Sales Order Status Change
  • Reserve Stock - Adjustment
  • Reserve Stock - Transaction Memo
  • Rejected Transactions

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