Live stock check with your iOS or Android device

Install TRIMSm on your iPhone, iPad or Android device and use the device's built in camera to simply scan products for live stock availability and price checking!

Live Stock Lookup on iOS and Android

I've installed TRIMSm on to my iPad mini, selected 'Inspector Mode' from the App Menu and scanned the barcode on a pair of size 7 Stanley Brogues from Grenson Shoes.

Here's what TRIMSm Inspector tells me

TRIMSm uses a service to query your system in real-time and returns the following product information as shown in the example image.

General Info

  • Product name
  • Supplier, Brand and Variant details (Colour, Size etc)

My Stock

  • Available stock at my location
  • Stock in transit to my location
  • Stock on order for my location
  • Total stock on order for the entire company

Variant Stock

Expand for a breakdown of product variants - this is great if you are scanning a shoe box and wanting to see what sizes are available in the stockroom.

Tap a variant to switch to this product. For example, a customer sees the size 8 Grenson and asks if you have it in a size 9. Scan the barcode and you see you have none in a 9. Tap the 9 variant to switch and then you can see a breakdown of other stores holding that size using the below 'Company Stock' section.

Company Stock

Displays each location and the available stock for the scanned barcode

My Price

Shows the current retail price at your location, expand to see the retail price at other locations.

TRIMS Back office and TRIMSm on iOS TRIMS Back office and TRIMSm on iOS

TRIMSm does a lot more too

This is just one TRIMSm feature which is great for use in your retail store. The majority of staff will have iOS or Android devices on them at all times, installing the TRIMSm App will help them to provide a better level of service to customers, and keep tighter control of stock.

The features of TRIMSm can be controlled at user group level so you can even toggle the features your staff have access to.

For this example I used an iPad mini, but remember this works on most iOS and Android devices, including some retail hardened Android options with built-in scanners, available from Touchretail - get in contact for more information.

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