Securely communicate with work colleagues

Use TRIMSm to securely communicate with work colleagues using the new Messages feature. The Messages app is similar to popular chat apps like WhatsApp and Skype, but locked down to TRIMS users.

Chat through TRIMS and TRIMSm

We've added chat functionality to TRIMS and the TRIMSm App. This enables TRIMS users to converse with other TRIMS users belonging to the same TRIMS system.

Example usage

If the stock controller is transferring stock from head office to a store but wants the store to manually check the stock level first, they could simply open the Messenger app within TRIMS, create a conversation with a member of staff at the store, or a group chat with the entire store, and ask the question.

Secure Chatting

You can only chat with users who are configured in TRIMS, your staff can't get distracted by chatting with people outside of the workplace. This also helps prevent accidental sharing of confidential company discussions.

How to get the Messenger app

The Messenger app is built into both TRIMS and TRIMSm and both come as standard. You can enable this feature in your user group in the usual way.

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