We've enhanced TRIMSm Inspector to show more product information

TRIMSm Inspector is the app retailers use to look up live product information by simply scanning a product barcode. We’ve enhanced this app to provide even more information. Here we explain what new information is available.

New TRIMSm Inspector Features

A new section has been added called ‘Product Attributes’ and when expanded, this shows three subsections - Categories, Variants and Tags. Expanding a subsection will then show each attribute and its value. In the example image I have expanded the Tags subsection which shows the attributes assigned as tags on my demonstration system. Remember TRIMS is very flexible and you can create your own Tags, meaning you can hold and access any information here.

TRIMSm Inspector Example Usage

A great usage example for this feature is to create a Tag called ‘W/H Location’ which you use within TRIMS to hold the product's warehouse location. You can then scan a product with TRIMSm and it will state the warehouse location where the product resides.

Other TRIMSm Inspector Features

TRIMSm Inspector also displays live stock level information and pricing. Variant information is also shown which provides a very simple way of accessing the same information for a different variation of the scanned product, for example, a different shoe size.

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