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Zebra TC20 is the perfect device for TRIMSm

With its small form factor and price tag, the Zebra TC20 is the perfect device for retailers using the TRIMSm mobile App from Touchretail. See it in action here.

The Zebra TC20 is an affordable and compact Android device ideal for small to medium size businesses

Apple only allow their iOS system to be used on Apple devices, and Apple don’t make retail-hardened equipment. Fortunately this is not the case with Google. They allow their OS to be used by any hardware manufacturer, which is great news for retailers as retail equipment manufacturers are busy making retail-hardened equipment that runs Android.

At Touchretail we have tried a number of Android devices with built-in barcode scanners, and this one is certainly the best we’ve come across to date.

The Zebra TC20 is the perfect device to use with the TRIMSm Mobile App from Touchretail

TRIMSm contains functionality to aid retailers on the shop floor and also in the warehouse, and the Zebra TC20 is perfect for both scenarios. The Zebra TC20 is a lightweight and compact unit with a decent processor. Using TRIMSm on this device is a great experience with the application being quick and responsive at all times. The scanner is accurate and again very responsive which is a must when working in a warehouse or stockroom. Battery life is also a factor and we are very happy with the how the Zebra TC20 performs. All in all this is a great device for TRIMSm.

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