Shopify - Touchretail Integration VS Manual Integration

Looking to hook-up your existing Shopify website with TRIMS? Two options are available, the 'do-it-yourself' option, or we can do the entire process for you. We've written a document comparing the processes which you can view here.

Touchretail Shopify Integration

Touchretail have many Shopify integrations and we have developed procedures for being able to match your Shopify products and variants. We will ‘trawl’ the products on your Shopify site and add the appropriate Product IDs and Variant IDs. We then send the data extract to the Shopify site owner (user/customer/client) in the form of a spreadsheet for validation.

Touchretail Integration VS Manual Integration - The Guide

Read the article that compares the two processes for linking your Shopify website with TRIMS by following the link below. This will take you to the article on our helpdesk.

Read the Shopify Integration Guide here

More about Integrating Shopify with TRIMS

You can find out more about how TRIMS integrates with Shopify on our page about TRIMS Shopify Integration

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