Match Day Mode profile feature now available on TRIMS-SRS

Touchretail launch Match Day Mode profile feature for optimising transaction throughput at peak sale times. Read on to find out how this new feature can accelerate transaction times at your stadium venue.

Faster Transaction Times at your Stadium venue

Stadium venues experience high volumes of sales within a short period of time on match days. The logic is simple, the faster you can process a sale, the more sales you are able to make. The TRIMS-SRS POS software is regarded as one of the fastest in the industry, and we’ve just made it even faster by introducing a Match Day Mode profile. Profiles allow various POS functionality to be activated or stripped out to suit the occasion, helping you process transactions even faster at peak trading times.

The Match Day Mode Profile

We understand that different stadia have different requirements so to accommodate this the Match Day Mode profile is configurable. It is also possible to create multiple profiles. A typical match day profile to speed up transaction times would be something like:

  • Strip out the eReceipt feature
  • Keep the POS logged in at the end of a transaction
Match Day Mode Configuration

Two simple settings that can make a big impact on transaction times. The eReceipt feature requires entry of an email address, something that you don’t want to be doing when trying to maximise sales throughput in a short period of time. Rather than disable this feature completely, use the Match Day Mode profile to temporarily disable it. Keeping a cashier logged in at the end of a transaction is also a great way to increase sale throughput because more than likely the same cashier will own that sales terminal throughout this time. It is far easier to logout once when you leave the terminal, rather than login before every transaction.

TRIMS-SRS The Modern Stadium Retail Solution

If you are new to TRIMS-SRS and want to find out more about the solution that is revolutionising retail at stadium venues, check out the TRIMS-SRS brochure.

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