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Record sales anywhere using your mobile phone

We’ve updated TRIMSm with a sales recording facility so you can now record sales anywhere through any iOS or Android device

Feature Available In
TRIMSm Version: v2.46

Record sales on the move

The ‘Capture’ feature in TRIMSm allows the creation of product lists for the purpose of booking in goods, transferring goods and stocktaking. This ‘Capture’ feature has now been enhanced to record sales and returns making it possible to scan or pick barcodes to sell or return them whilst working remotely.

Record sales when you have no internet access

TRIMSm is capable of holding all of your product database locally on the device meaning it can operate whilst offline. Sales are recorded on the device through scanning a barcode using the camera, or a connected bluetooth scanning device. You can also browse through your product directory to locate products. Items default to their retail price but you can override the price if required. The data is held on the device until you have an internet connection where the sales data can be sent to TRIMS - at this point it will update instantly.

A great example usage for this feature is if you sell products at events but you don’t want ,or are not able, to take a POS system with you. You can simply scan the product barcodes throughout the day as you sell items, then upload to TRIMS when in range of a mobile/wifi signal. Once the data is in TRIMS, replenishments can be arranged.

Sales recording features

TRIMSm sales are posted into TRIMS using the TRIMS API and therefore have the same features that web sales have. An example of this are pick requests that can be generated for the items sold, or the stock can be sold from a different location than where you are.

Sales recording is very basic POS functionality

It is worth noting that the TRIMSm sales recording functionality has been designed not as a fully featured mobile POS solution, but as a simple and lightweight solution for capturing sales whilst working remotely, and is included with TRIMSm as standard at no additional charge.

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