Share your inventory stock levels with suppliers and 3PLs
Feature Available In
TRIMS Version: v2.0.50807.1

Configuring an export for a supplier or 3PL

Using the Audit Feed report that can be found in TRIMS Vision, it is possible to construct a CSV, PDF or XLSX document containing filtered data to be pushed out automatically at scheduled intervals. The document layout can be configured from a pool of available data fields, named to the receiver's requirement.

We have two new additions to the available field pool - these fields can be helpful in informing suppliers and 3PLs of company-wide, or location specific, inventory stock levels. These new fields are:

  • Stock - Location
  • Stock - Company

Drop-Shipping and Replenishments

Combining this new functionality with either the TRIMS API or Data Import feeds, it is possible to construct sophisticated replenishment and drop-shipping models with your suppliers and 3PLs.

For more information see the support article Using the TRIMS Vision Audit Feed.


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