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Share your inventory stock levels with suppliers and 3PLs

TRIMS can be configured to automatically export data to third parties. We’ve added two new fields that can be included in the exported data that can help with your third party logistics and replenishment integrations.

Feature Available In
TRIMS Version: v2.0.50807.1

Configuring an export for a supplier or 3PL

Using the Audit Feed report that can be found in TRIMS Vision, it is possible to construct a CSV, PDF or XLSX document containing filtered data to be pushed out automatically at scheduled intervals. The document layout can be configured from a pool of available data fields, named to the receiver's requirement.

We have two new additions to the available field pool - these fields can be helpful in informing suppliers and 3PLs of company-wide, or location specific, inventory stock levels. These new fields are:

  • Stock - Location
  • Stock - Company

Drop-Shipping and Replenishments

Combining this new functionality with either the TRIMS API or Data Import feeds, it is possible to construct sophisticated replenishment and drop-shipping models with your suppliers and 3PLs.

For more information see the support article Using the TRIMS Vision Audit Feed.

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