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TRIMSm v2.48 Now Available on iOS and Android

Some great new features and enhancements in this latest version of TRIMSm - get it now on iOS or Android.

Feature Available In
TRIMSm Version: v2.48

What’s new in this TRIMSm Mobile App update?

Along with a number of performance enhancements, the main features that we have added in this TRIMSm release are:

  • Record Sales in Capture
  • Acknowledge Product Price Rules in Inspector

Recording Sales in TRIMSm Capture

In the same way that you use TRIMSm Capture to create transfers, you can now create a sales or returns list. Once you have created your list, capture the items you are selling, amend the prices if necessary, then post the sales through to your TRIMS system by pressing the Send Task button. This is a great utility for capturing products that you are selling at events. This facility also works whilst offline so you can capture sales in remote locations.

Viewing Product Price Rules in TRIMSm Inspector

We have extended the functionality of TRIMSm Inspector to check if products being scanned are part of an active product price rule. If the item is on promotion then is displays the promotion price with the standard retail price in brackets. Expanding the price block will display the pricing across all other locations, again stating if the item is on promotion.

Get TRIMSm now on iOS or Android

If you are not already using TRIMSm, get it here now. You will need to contact Touchretail to obtain a licence.

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