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Fast turnaround helps 'Accelerate Sheffield' after SkyStreet Retail close UK service

About Accelerate Sheffield

Accelerate was conceived from a desire to find one running store where consumers could shop for everything 'running'. They wanted the best service, knowledge and experience and a friendly approach to their sport. No one seemed to want to put it all together. So that's where the idea of Accelerate came from. Accelerate began by visiting events with a retail event store and with a website Eventually the Sheffield store opened its doors in February 2009.

The Retail Solution For Accelerate Sheffield

Accelerate chose the TRIMS Basic plan. We were able to make use of their existing hardware, keeping costs down whilst at the same time helping the environment. A Data Conversion was also purchased where the Touchretail team were able to take the data from Accelerate’s legacy system, and convert this over to the new TRIMS retail platform, keeping disruption to a minimum whilst making the transition.

Touchretail Replace SkyStreet Retail

Accelerate were using a retail system called SkyStreet Retail who have recently declared that they are pulling out of the UK market, switching off UK retailers who are using the system. Touchretail were able to act fast and move Accelerate over to the TRIMS retail platform before their legacy platform terminated.

We are happy to have been able to step in and help this retailer, and look forward to working with them to help develop their business further.

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