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An alternative EPOS to replace SkyStreet Retail UK (Talgara)

After SkyStreet Retail UK (Talgara) withdraw from the UK EPOS market, users are left looking for an alternative EPOS solution provider to step in.

Who are SkyStreet Retail UK (Talgara)

Berkhamsted based SkyStreet Retail UK delivers cloud-based retail operating software, designed specifically to reduce costs, improve efficiency and grow sales. As a product it aims to provide better visibility into your business, so you can make better decisions every day.

From what I can gather (mostly from good old Google) the company was originally known as Talgara before rebranding to SkyStreet Retail a few years ago. The system appears to be a variation of the popular Australia-based Retail Express platform. The website, that has now been taken offline, had multiple references to the Australian company including contact details, case studies and T&C’s.

SkyStreet Retail shut down UK operations

SkyStreet Retail is a complete retail solution offering in-store and mobile PoS with back office & stock control, as well as additional integrated ecommerce. Its easy-to-use software is in the cloud, meaning it is internet based.

The system sounds like a pretty comprehensive retail solution and its users were happy with it, so what is the problem, why shut down UK operations?

SkyStreet Retail - a non GDPR compliant solution

I’ve been unable to find an official announcement stating the company's reasons for withdrawing from the UK market. From speaking with former users of the system, the problem came about with the recent introduction of GDPR. It looks like a decision was made to withdraw from the UK market over investing in the development required to comply with the new UK regulations. Being a software house and faced with similar challenges, I can understand why this action was taken, and it is a huge shame for the UK retail businesses that have invested time and money into the system.

Alternative EPOS to replace SkyStreet Retail (Talgara)

We have been contacted by a number of ex-SkyStreet Retail UK users and have been able to quickly and affordably convert them over to our TRIMS platform, in just a matter of weeks in most cases. If you are a former SkyStreet Retail UK user looking for an alternative EPOS system to replace SkyStreet Retail, please get in contact, we may just be the perfect solution to your unfortunate circumstances. We look forward to hearing from you - complete the quick form below.

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