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Set Bin Locations and Print Labels directly from TRIMSm in v2.57

Today we have released version 2.57 of the TRIMSm Mobile App for independent retailers. In this release you’ll find two extremely handy features to boost productivity and save time - here’s what’s new.

Feature Available In
TRIMSm Version: v2.57

Boost productivity using TRIMSm

  • Set warehouse Bin locations from TRIMSm
  • Queue and Print barcode labels from TRIMSm

Set warehouse Bin locations directly from the TRIMSm Mobile App for Retail

For TRIMS users who assign a warehouse location (Bin Location) to a TRIMS attribute, you can now set this directly from the App itself. If you don’t do this currently, here we explain how to set this up. If you are already using an attribute to store a Bin location then you only need to follow one instruction to set the Bin location attribute on the TRIMSm connector.

1 - Create an attribute to hold your Bin locations

Create a new attribute called Bin to hold your warehouse Bin locations. Open the TRIMSm connector within assets and enter the attribute code into the setting called Bin Location Attribute. TRIMSm now knows you are using this attribute for Bin locations.

2 - Barcode Label your warehouse

Next you need to label your warehouse bins. You may have 4 warehouse aisles each containing a number of Bins. You could name the first Bin in aisle one, A1-B1. Print a barcode with the value A1-B1 and stick this on the Bin. Repeat for the entire warehouse.

3 - Set Bin locations using TRIMSm

Scan an item using the Inspector mode on TRIMSm. When the item is displayed it will state it’s Bin location on the screen. If the item doesn’t have a Bin location, or you wish to change the Bin location simply press the pencil next to the Bin location and scan the barcode label on the Bin. You have now set a new Bin location for this item.

4 - Bin location Pick Lists

Make sure you include and sort by your Bin attribute in your reports so that you can easily identify where an item resides.

Queue and Print barcode labels directly from TRIMSm - the Mobile App for Retail

Once you have queued your labels you can also trigger them to print right from your TRIMSm Mobile App. This will only work if you use the ‘Salespush’ method of printing where labels are downloaded to a PC connected to a barcode printer, and then printed.

1 - Locate the item that needs a new barcode label

If you find an item on the shop floor or in the warehouse that is missing a label and you simply want to print another, this is now really simple using the TRIMSm Mobile App. First you have to lookup the item. If you have an identical item, scan this into Inspector. If you don’t, scan a different size and when the item is displayed you can jump to the correct size by selecting it from the variants section. Alternatively you can simply use the browse feature to find the item.

2 - Queue labels from your TRIMSm Mobile App

Now you have your item, press the top menu option and Queue labels. This opens a new screen where you can set the number of labels you wish to queue.

3 - Print your queued labels from the TRIMSm App

Use the same menu to print. The number of queued labels are shown next to the menu option. The queue automatically filters to your user at your location, so you can only print the labels you have queued, not anyone else's. You can also send the labels to print from TRIMS as any queued labels are queued in the TRIMS labels print queue that you will already be familiar with.

There we have it, two extremely helpful features to save you time and boost your productivity - which is what TRIMSm is all about. We look forward to bringing you more great time saving features soon!

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