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Animal Feed, Equestrian Equipment and Tack Shop ‘Snack and Tack’ partner with Touchretail

Surrey based animal feed business, Snack and Tack, was formed by a group of five people who wanted to bring into existence a new style of animal feed business. A new retail platform was required to better manage business growth and provide the company with a future proofed retail infrastructure - enter TRIMS by Touchretail.

An animal snack and tack business

Snack and Tack aspire to provide the best quality feed and products at the most competitive prices, strongly believing that a customer's needs always come first, they have facilities that let you choose how to shop and how your order is delivered.

A fully integrated eCommerce website

Now fully integrated with the retail store, Snack & tack’s sophisticated website produced by the award winning ecommerce agency, Visualsoft, offers customers 24/7 access to a vast catalogue of products catering for Equestrian, Pet, Chicken & Poultry, Farm Animals, Wildlife, Clothing & Footwear, Fencing, Pest Control, Home & Garden and Toys & Gifts. With inventory powered by TRIMS, customers can be confident that their orders will be successfully fulfilled.

Snack and tack's EPOS solution

In store, gone are the days when you have to struggle with heavy feed bags in cold and dusty barns! Snack and Tack stores are clean, warm and bright, making it a pleasure to browse their products and discuss specific needs with their experienced staff. For bulk feed requirements, simply choose the products you require from their ‘virtual warehouse’ and they will load the feed into your car! Using the modern TRIMS EPOS solution, quality service is assured.

A secure, fast and reliable retail service

With thousands of stock items available for immediate delivery, and the ability to source virtually any other product you require at short notice, their secure, fast and reliable service really does shine. We are proud to have partnered with this leading animal feed retailer and look forward to helping them achieve their future retail goals. Check out the Snack and Tack online store.

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