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Black White Denim integrate TRIMS and WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the web with over 56 million downloads. Black White Denim have chosen this hugely popular ecommerce solution along with the TRIMS retail platform to build on their already impressive retail offering.

WooCommerce is an extremely flexible and low cost solution to sell online and is part of the hugely popular Wordpress website building tool. empowers millions of businesses, bloggers, and online stores. BWD have chosen this popular retail collaboration to manage and grow their multichannel retail business.

A little about Black White Denim

BWD (Black White Denim) was set up by Jo Davies in 2010 on the simple observation that black, white and denim are the foundations of a woman's wardrobe. Since launch, it proves Jo’s theory was correct. They have gone on to excel in the fashion industry. Some examples of their mentions would include reviews in Vogue, Sunday Times Style and Stella magazine. Also, most recently they have become a Drapers award winner. They won Womenswear independent of the year 2018! To find out more information on their win we have another blog you can visit Black White Denim Announced As Womenswear Independent Of The Year 2018. By implementing the TRIMS retail platform and WooCommerce, BWD have streamlined retail operations and now have the perfect retail infrastructure to help achieve, manage and sustain growth.

WooCommerce automatic product creation

The products that BWD create in TRIMS are automatically created on their WooCommerce website ready for the finishing touches to be added before setting the product live online. This process of automatic product generation is a massive time saver with the core product data only needing to be entered once rather than duplicating work in multiple systems.

Integrating WooCommerce inventory stock levels

Once the BWD products are linked between TRIMS and WooCommerce, the TRIMS system will automatically keep the stock levels synchronised. When items sell in store the WooCommerce stock level is reduced accordingly. When a sale takes place on the website the store is notified so that they remove the item as soon as possible, this reduced the chance of selling any single remaining items twice. For WooCommerce users with multiple stores, this process can be enhanced using the TRIMS Pick Station software which auto allocates the most suitable location to fulfil a WooCommerce order.

WooCommerce Sales Import

BWD’s online sales that are processed through WooCommerce are automatically pulled down into the TRIMS system. This process automatically registers the sale in TRIMS, which updates the stock levels across the company. The TRIMS system becomes a central reporting tool that can be used to report across all sales channels.

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