Sugar and Spice go-live with WooCommerce EPOS integration

Sugar and Spice were trading online by manually adding products and adjusting stock. After implementing the TRIMS WooCommerce Connector they now have an integrated WooCommerce EPOS solution with a single point of data entry and real-time updating.

Sugar and Spice owner, Sheila Wilson, decided to extend the business to online trading in response to demand from customers. After trading for some time online by manually adjusting stock and adding products, it became apparent that an automated solution was required - a scenario already handled by Touchretail using the TRIMS WooCommerce connector. Multiple stock availability locations needed to be handled and a single point of entry was important to reduce dual inputting of data.

Touchretail did an initial scrape of the site which showed that when the products had been created Sugar and Spice hadn’t entered the product barcodes. After the extracted data was passed to Sheila, who then added the TRIMS barcodes to the spreadsheet, everything was ready to integrate these two popular commerce platforms, TRIMS and WooCommerce.

It starts with a WooCommerce data extraction

We identified that Sheila wanted products to display on the website with the Bra Back Size and Cup Size combined e.g. 34E where this was held as two separate attributes in TRIMS (a popular option for retailers as it provides better reporting and analysis). We added a new field to Sheila’s TRIMS system that auto generates and combines the two fields together to create the display field that she needed, and amended her import template to reflect this.

Next it's a TRIMS import of WooCommerce data

This data was then imported to TRIMS which set the Woo Product IDs, Variant IDs and Woo Mappings - this established the link between the TRIMS products and the Woo site. We then did a test product linkup to check that the connector populated the Woo site with the correct stock levels and barcodes.

Time for WooCommerce integration testing

We then chose a product that didn't exist online and added a Woo Mapping to it so Sheila could confirm that she was happy with the mappings. This created the product on the site immediately for her - which she was very impressed about. We then worked through the products on the site to check that they were linked to TRIMS and a number of different mappings were created for her so that she can have specific attributes for Hosiery, Bra's and Tops.

The WooCommerce Sales Integration was switched on

The WooCommerce sales link was then enabled for Sheila to ensure that any sales online are immediately reported to her TRIMS system, and Sugar and Spice were then fully integrated!

EPOS integration and WooCommerce expertise

Sometimes when an existing WooCommerce site already containing products needs to be integrated, complications can occur. Although a number of issues were highlighted with the initial scrape of the WooCommerce website, Touchretail’s invaluable data manipulation experience meant that we could easily act on this, and successfully complete the integration for Sugar and Spice.

Read more about Sugar and Spice here, and view the Sugar and Spice website here.

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