Colgan Sports infuse online and offline shopping channels

Colgan Sports choose WooCommerce and TRIMS to infuse online and offline shopping channels. Find out how this leading retailer in the sporting sector took advantage of modern retail technology to enhance their retail offer.

Irish owned, Colgan Sports was established in 1990 by Aidan Colgan. Since then they have expanded to five stores throughout Ireland. The stores are located in Portarlington, Portlaoise, Tullamore, Naas and Mountrath.

An established activewear retailer

Providing a wide range of products at competitive prices, their customers are equipped for whatever activewear they need. With a huge range of merchandise covering golf, basketball, running, football, hiking, tennis, cricket, pool, darts, boxing, squash, karate and rugby, Colgan Sports are the go-to retailer for all sports enthusiasts.

Integrating the WooCommerce platform

Supported by The IT Department (Touchretail’s reseller in Ireland), Colgan Sports migrated to the TRIMS platform in 2016. Their previous website was maintained separately from their retail system and therefore at risk of overselling. They were also duplicating work by inputting products into two separate systems. It was clear that integrating the two platforms would yield many cost- and time-saving benefits.

As a solution to these common problems, Colgan Sports called on the functionality of Touchretail’s WooCommerce integration, to integrate the new website with their TRIMS retail system. Using the TRIMS WooCommerce Connector, they are now trading from one single pool of stock, removing many of the complications that arise when maintaining stock levels over non-connected systems.

Testing the WooCommerce integration

A key part of the project was to setup a test product for running an end-to-end test, this was to make sure that everything was as expected and functioning correctly using just one product, before rolling out across all products. This is a key process that Touchretail undertake when integrating systems. The retailer, in this case Colgan Sports, can then check they are content with the results and also test how the system functions.

There are many benefits to a WooCommerce integrated system

The clear benefits from this integration are the reduction in time being spent on adding different products. Products are created once in TRIMS and automatically update on the website. The WooCommerce product is now linked to the TRIMS product with the stock synchronised, so when an item sells online, it updates the stock availability in the entire business, and when an item is sold in-store, the website accurately reflects this, minimising the chance of oversell.

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