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Encourage repeat sales with a 'Till-spit'

We have recently introduced a new TRIMS POS feature, commonly known as a ‘Till-spit’. Use this handy EPOS tool to encourage repeat sales - continue reading to find out more.

What is a Till-spit?

The primary goal of the Till-spit is to increase repeat sales. The spit is a voucher that gets printed out from the till at the end of a transaction. The voucher usually has an expiry which forces the customer back into the store if they are to take advantage of the offer. It can also be a message to the customer, maybe about a current or planned promotion or event.

How can I use a Till-spit to encourage repeat sales?

The Till-spit offers a system where you can include any type of promotional text attached to the receipt, in the form of a voucher. To explain further, an example could be that anyone who spends over 50 pounds gets a 10% off voucher. However, this is for use within the next three days meaning that customers will be drawn back to the store if they wish to redeem the offer. A trigger value can be set, and as long as the transaction value exceeds that amount, the voucher will appear. You can also determine the duration of days and the expiry date, which can be used to advertise big retail calendar events.

How can I get access to the Till-spit feature?

If you wish to activate this feature (known as the Post Transaction Promo Receipt), get in touch with the Support team who can guide you through the process. We will soon be adding a guide to our knowledge base with detailed steps on how to manage this feature.

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