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Stocktaking your retail business - a practical guide

We’ve published a guide on how to stocktake your retail business using the TRIMSm Mobile App.

What does the Stocktake guide cover?

Stocktaking is a vital part of maintaining inventory systems so that any discrepancies introduced during day-to-day operation can be identified and corrected. This guide is based on using an Android HHT (hand held terminal) such as the Zebra TC20.

Where can I find the article?

View the article here: Stocktake Practical Guide For TRIMS (TRIMSm)

What is the Touchretail knowledge base?

The Touchretail Knowledge Base is a self-help platform with articles and tutorials written by the Touchretail support team. Many of your support queries have already been answered numerous times by our team, and have been documented in the knowledge base for use by others. Always search the knowledge base first when you are looking for help, you will often find the answer without having to wait to talk to a support engineer.

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