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How to create a BOGOF promotion

This guide explains how to create a standard BOGOF promotion using the TRIMS retail platform by Touchretail

What does the BOGOF guide cover?

Buy One, Get One Free is an offer to a customer to buy an item and receive a second item free, with the requirement that the second item be of equal or lesser value. This support article covers how to create a standard BOGOF promotion.

Where can I find the BOGOF article?

View the article here: Checkout Price Rules: Buy One Get One Free

What is the Touchretail knowledge base?

The Touchretail Knowledge Base is a self-help platform with articles and tutorials written by the Touchretail support team. Many of your support queries have already been answered numerous times by our team, and have been documented in the knowledge base for use by others. Always search the knowledge base first when you are looking for help, you will often find the answer without having to wait to talk to a support engineer.

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