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Microsoft RMS Replacement

Back in 2015 Microsoft announced that Microsoft Dynamics RMS had entered its extended support phase meaning that Microsoft’s RMS retail solution had reached end of life. With the end of RMS’s extended support service fast approaching, Microsoft RMS Dynamics users are left looking for a suitable replacement, here we look at a hugely popular alternative retail solution.

Microsoft RMS End Of Life

If you are looking to purchase Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS) and Dynamics Headquarters (HQ), you won’t have much luck. Microsoft withdrew selling its retail platform to new customers in July 2016, with mainstream support for RMS and HQ ending on July 10th 2016.

RMS users have continued to use Microsoft Dynamics RMS, but with the end of its extended support service just around the corner, users are now left looking to source a replacement.

Introducing TRIMS, a Microsoft Dynamics RMS replacement

For retailers looking for a POS software solution to replace the popular Microsoft product, look no further. Touchretail have been busy developing a powerful and affordable retail solution from the ground up, that not only replaces RMS, but provides users with more power, more flexibility and, most importantly, the support and retail infrastructure for a small to medium size enterprise business to accelerate growth.

A cost effective Microsoft RMS replacement solution

What’s more, TRIMS is a cost effective RMS replacement that doesn’t sacrifice on functionality. Being a modern retail platform the costs involved in setup, installation and on-boarding are kept to a minimum. With the pressure to source a Microsoft RMS replacement mounting, a solution that provides a fast transition, with little to no downtime, is a very welcome solution.

Retail Point Of Sale software

The TRIMS platform includes a retail POS System that can replace Microsoft RMS Point of Sale. TRIMS POS is a robust EPOS solution, that is intuitive to use, meaning staff are up and running quickly, making the transition from RMS POS to TRIMS POS painless.

Real Time Inventory Management

Behind the scenes the TRIMS retail platform is built on a powerful cloud based attribute-driven database that makes it very suitable for many types of business. Not only does TRIMS Back office manage inventory, it also provides a central hub for managing customers, promotions, purchasing, reporting and ecommerce integration.

Microsoft RMS Data Conversion

When transitioning to a new retail system, being able to move your data is a huge saver in time and cost. With a team that specialises in data conversions, Touchretail aim to move your product and customer data over so that you can trade instantly without having to re-enter products, re-enter prices, re-barcode products and re-enter customer data.

RMS eCommerce Options

No matter what platform powers your website, TRIMS has a solution that can work. With connectors for WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento M1, Magento M2 and a powerful API allowing any competent 3rd party system to integrate directly with TRIMS, your website can continue to trade on the TRIMS retail platform.

Replace RMS with a tried and tested retail solution

TRIMS is a modern retail platform with a large user base. Being a tried and tested retail solution backed by an industry leading support service means you can concentrate on moving your business forward, and not on worrying about the solution you have chosen to do that on.

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