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Sandersons Department Store Go Organic!

Are you ready for your health kick? Here’s what’s happening at Sandersons.

Sandersons Department Store has launched a brand new and exclusive juice bar!

This is a part of the stores new organics department and they are providing you with healthy juices from a company called Cowherds.

Who are Cowherds?

Cowherds are a company co-founded by Paula Maguire and Jon Shepherd-Smyth. Their idea to delve into the juicing business sparked when Paula overcame a chronic condition by adopting a plant based diet. Since they started they have been promoting these juices which help with having a healthy immune system, increased blood flow, hydration and anti-inflammatory properties, furthermore, there's a juice specifically catered for liver detoxing.

New stock for Sandersons

Sandersons now have nine juice drinks to choose from! Alongside two juice shots that go by the names of ‘TurboCharger’, ‘Phat Beets’ and ‘Breakfast Smoothie’. Some of the ingredients in these drinks include - beetroot, seasonal greens, lemon and ginger. If this health kick is what you need, go and visit Sandersons - they are the only concession in the region stocking these Juices!

A great success

It is always great to see our customers prospering and trying new things. Sandersons have been a loyal TRIMS customer for over 3 years and we have watched them grow and grow! Onwards and upwards! More information can be found on Fox Valleys website.

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