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Prepare for Reopening with E-Receipts

E-Receipts or electronic receipts are emailed to the customer at the point of sale. With shops set to reopen this month, now is the time to minimise the need to handle things like paper receipts. By incorporating e-receipts, the transaction process can be 100% contact-free.

Following government advice to reduce the risk to health, retailers have already started to implement contactless transactions by not handling cash, for example. E-receipts are the next effective step to make transactions completely free of contact.

Not only do e-receipts eliminate the need to pass around paper, they also give retailers the chance to ask if the customer would like to receive communications from them. This presents another opportunity for marketing opt-ins to increase the size your audience.

E-Receipts for contact-free in-store transactions

Customisable E-Receipts

E-Receipts can be handled by both our TRIMS EPoS and Cygnus EPoS(Version 7). The EPoS generates a HTML email receipt. We provide a template layout with your logo as standard. Because the e-receipt is written in HTML code, retailers are then able to outsource a more customised design if they wish.

Add E-Receipts to Your Tills

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