Hooking Up with St. Ives Tackle

After frustrations with their previous retail system, St. Ives Tackle signed up to TRIMS in June. We caught up with them to hear about their experience.

About St. Ives Tackle

Their mission is to redefine what a fishing tackle shop is about, and St. Ives Tackle are certainly doing just that.

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The family-run business based in Cambridgeshire is there to support people’s love of all things fishing in a way that goes beyond simply supplying tackle. They pride themselves in their extensive knowledge and enthusiasm not just for fishing, but for excellent customer service too. They want to provide a great experience for each and every customer, wherever they prefer to shop.

Something Fishy About Their Previous System

We asked Mike Bartlett (aka Carpy Mick), who started the business as a one man show operating out of a spare room in 2013, about his decision to find a new retail system.

“With our previous EPOS system, we found their setup (of only being able to speak to a reseller about technical issues) extremely frustrating and it was costing us sales. It was also quite clunky in that we had to manually link each product to our Shopify website and it often randomly adjusted stock for no reason.

“The final straw for us was when our linking app from the system to Shopify stopped working and, with no date for a solution, we decided to move provider.”

Reeling in St. Ives Tackle

“After much research and being warned off one major player in EPOS systems, we decided to contact Touchretail to look at their EPOS solution. The first call was made whilst out fishing and I had the good fortune to catch a fish while on the phone and had to abandon the call!

“One of the features we had to have is the HHT system with TRIMSm as it’s fantastic for creating orders and booking in stock - saving a lot of time. It also had to support syncing with Shopify and our existing loyalty card system.

“Once we committed to the TRIMS system, we had a week or two to get our heads around it whilst still trading. The guys at Touchretail were fantastic and nothing was too much trouble to ensure we got trading as soon as possible after going live. It was a pleasure to get a technical answer and solution rather than being fobbed off, which was what happened with our old system.”

A Bright Future with TRIMS

“Now we have settled into using TRIMS, we are finding it is reliable as well as accurate. The barcode labels are a breeze and every day our system is improving and getting more robust. It's great that when raising a support ticket, we now get a prompt response and a timely solution.

“We are still learning the system but can already see that, as we grow, this system will support us all the way.”

Our team at Touchretail are delighted with Mike’s feedback. It’s great to hear that TRIMS is improving day-to-day omnichannel retailing for St. Ives Tackle and we look forward to watching them continue to grow.

Take a look at St. Ives Tackle website to find out more about them.

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