Shopify Integration Opens New eCommerce Avenue for Garden Centre

Last year brought ecommerce into sharp focus for many retailers. Raemoir Garden Centre was no exception and took their Shopify venture to the next level by integrating it with their Swan Retail System (SRS).

Essential Ecommerce and Retail System Integration

During the first lockdown, it became essential for Raemoir to open an ecommerce channel to reach customers. They created an online shop using Shopify, enabling them to continue trading safely. When they were allowed to reopen, the next step was integrating their Swan Retail System (SRS) with their ecommerce site to make operations more efficient.

“Configuring the products in SRS, and linking the system to their website, allows the team at Raemoir to maintain the products in one location and have orders processed directly into SRS”

Chris Draper
Project consultant at Swan Retail

Find out more about Raemoir’s journey: Raemoir Garden Centre Integrates SRS and Shopify.

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