How to Scale Up and Succeed Online: Beales Revisited

Since Beales Department Stores was reborn last summer in an epic 8-week project, they have been building a successful new way of trading and scaling up their ecommerce.

We caught up with Paul Masterson who has been a key part of the Beales project to discuss the importance of having the right system in place to succeed online and scale up stores in the future.

“Like most retailers, being in and out of lockdown has thrown spanners into the works for us as our core business is in our bricks and mortar store. That said, we’ve been ploughing resources into our online channel and I’m pleased to say that we are seeing exponential growth there. Our sales online have risen to account for nearly 40% of our turnover.

“We are much more advanced with Swan’s Retail System [SRS], their Shopify integration and Cygnus EPoS, and we are going further than we ever could with our previous provider. Upgrading our old system would have been extremely expensive, whereas moving to SRS gave us everything we wanted in an easier-to-use way and at a fraction of the cost. It’s also more straightforward and much cheaper to scale up compared to other system providers.

“We are confident, now we have the right retail system in place, that we will be able to expand in the future.”

Paul Masterson
Cupcake Marketing

Read the full article at: Scalability and Online Success: Beales Revisited.

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