Leading Football Clubs are choosing Cygnus EPOS

Why is Swan Retail's Cygnus EPOS catching the eye of major football clubs?

The pandemic has been a catalyst for change and made football clubs re-evaluate their retail offering. Fans expect clubs to deliver the omnichannel experience and deliver it fast. Cygnus is all about speed and customer-centricity and so fits well with the changing needs of sports club retail.

Cygnus has been built specifically to tackle all of the key requirements in the sports retail sector. It is new and built from Swan’s knowledge and experience in this sector.

Swan want their clubs to be able to delight fans at the checkout. That means a fast, efficient transaction with the fans’ best interest at its core. This is achieved by Cygnus in a number of ways...

Learn more in the latest article: Why Cygnus is the POS of choice for Football Clubs.

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