Warrington Wolves Go Live with ClearAccept Integrated Payments

After working with us to launch a new online store fully integrated with their retail system last year, Warrington Wolves have recently upgraded their payments solution with our sister company, ClearAccept.

Warrington Wolves have taken another step to slicken their retail operations by choosing our new integrated payments solution from ClearAccept.

Like us, ClearAccept are retail technology specialist within the ClearCourse Group. We have teamed up with them not long ago to integrate TRIMS with their payments system to bring our clients a seamless experience.

With ClearAccept, Warrington Wolves’ card machines integrate into their TRIMS system at setup and reconcile with their other payment channels.

“ClearAccept were extremely helpful during the application and instalment process. Moving to integrated payments has not only improved our customer service with a considerably quicker card payment but also reduced the risk of manual errors when taking payment.

"The ClearAccept online portal is very useful, enabling us to quickly find and resolve any payment issues that may occur. Technical support and account management are of a very high standard, giving us the reassurance there is someone at the end of the phone if any issues should arise.

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ClearAccept.”

Nicola Bell
Head of Retail at Warrington Wolves

Find out more about our TRIMS ClearAccept integrated payments.

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