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Introducing Giftpro: Vouchers and Event Management from ClearCourse

Our family of like-minded technology companies is constantly growing, and we would like to introduce Giftpro to our retailers.

Like us, Giftpro are part of the ClearCourse Partnership. They allow clients to sell gift vouchers, event tickets and products online.

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What does Giftpro offer?

Designed for the hospitality and retail industries, Giftpro is a cloud-based platform that enables companies to sell gift vouchers and gift cards for items like afternoon tea, spa treatments and monetary amounts.

Clients also have the option to sell physical products like wine, cookery books and t-shirts in addition to vouchers.

Giftpro's most recent new product development gives clients the option to sell tickets using an online event management platform. It's ideal for workshops, open events, launches and more.

Interested in Giftpro?

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