Data Migration

Migrating to TRIMS from your existing retail system is easier than you think

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95% of our customers already had a retail system

Migration from your existing system is often easier and more cost effective than you'd think. Concerned about taking the leap? Don't be, our vast migration experience and tried-and-tested procedures make the data transfer and go-live process simple and painless.

Should I migrate?

There are many reasons why retailers choose to leave their retail system provider and make the leap to TRIMS, some that we hear are:

  • Poor, or non-existent ecommerce integration
  • A detached partnership caused by the boundaries of non-uk suppliers
  • Poor customer support service or unreliable software
  • Outdated software and procedures
  • Software limitations and restrictions impacting on company growth

A typical reason for Data Migration

The retail platform fails to communicate with the website leading to overselling. Another scenario is where the retail system provider forces the end user to use a specific ecommerce platform limiting diversity, individuality and growth. And one of the most common current reasons is slow response times and poor customer service caused by the logistics of working with foreign software vendors.

Easy and affordable Data Migration

Whatever the reason for migrating, we make the process easy. By importing your existing products and barcodes you can switch systems with minimum to no downtime, and minimum to no re-entry of data. In most cases we use a three stage migration process with the first stage being an import of your products. The next stage is validating and testing the products in the new system. The third stage is scheduled for go-live where we run an opening stock import and switch the new POS and interfaces live. In some cases we can even make use of your existing hardware, although this is subject to the age, quality and compatability of the equipment.

Simple and Painless Data Migration

With specific platform data migration tools for Visualsoft and Magento, and with the ability to easily import product data through spreadsheets, Touchretail can help make your move to TRIMS simple and painless. Save countless hours creating products in your new system with a data conversion.

Upgrade to TRIMS
Are you eligable for data migration to TRIMS?

Yes, we are able to convert clients from most platforms, including:

  • Cybertill Migration
  • EPOSNow Migration
  • Brightpearl Migration
  • Intelligent Retail Migration
  • Eurostop Migration
  • Top to Toe Migration
  • Mach 4 Migration
  • Skystreet retail
  • Micros Migration
  • KPOS Migration
  • Swan Retail Migration
  • e-Trackit Migration
  • Elite Migration
  • Rapidstock Migration
  • Retail Express Epos
  • + more

Migrating to TRIMS is easier than you think. We make the data transfer and go-live process simple and painless.

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Leave your legacy system behind and join the growing number of successful retailers benefitting from modern technology, processes and the flexibility that can only be found in TRIMS by Touchretail.

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